A retreat and awards night was hosted by the Pleasant Grove Arts Commission on March 9th. The retreat featured Pleasant Grove Mayor Bruce Call as a speaker on “How to Brand your Group”. The main event of the night was a tribute to the Arts Commission’s first community arts award winner. Dennis Purdie, a local actor, was honored by Mayor Bruce Call with the Grove Award after his performance with the PG Players in “Beau Jest”.  The Grove Award is given to honor the work and creative efforts of individuals who participate in the arts groups affiliated with the Pleasant Grove Arts Commission.  These groups include the Pleasant Grove Orchestra, PG Players, Utah Children’s Choir, Center Stage Youth Performers, Concerts in the Park, and the sponsored Visual Arts program.

Dennis Purdie has been an actor with the PG Players since 1989. He has played the role of a variety of characters in an astounding 29 performances. Admired by his peers for his talent and enthusiasm and adored by his audience for his stage presence and character, his first role was the “Mailman” in “On Golden Pond” in 1989 and Dennis is currently playing the role of “Abe Goldman” in "Beau Jest." In 2004, recovery from a brain tumor threatened to take Dennis away from the theater he loves as his ability to remember lines was impaired. However, Dennis’ passion for theater pushed him to return to portray the lead character “Hercule Poirot” in “Black Coffee”.  Dennis is a strong and dedicated family man, a man with great work ethics and a sense of humor. An amazing actor with a deep commitment to the stage, his family, and our community, Dennis Purdie has been chosen as the winner of this year's Grove Award. Dennis was awarded a vase crafted by local artisan Dennis Zupan especially for this award and a certificate as tokens of the admiration of his peers, family and his community. Dennis was surprised by this tribute and he expressed “The reason I love to do what I do is in hope to make people either laugh or cry or to scare them.” “If we do this we have accomplished what we wanted to.”

Community Arts Awards Nomination Application Information and Form

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